Educare Publications have brought out Tech Era, a complete most comprehensive computer series for classes I-VIII.

Our Research & Development team with experienced & dynamic IT academicians has developed a series of Computer Books for school students with Latest & Comprehensive Syllabus, National Cyber Olympiad Practice Questions, Overview of Windows 8, Glimpse of MS Office 2010, International Quality of Paper, Designing, Aesthetics, Pattern and Printing.

As an inaugural offer, we are providing unmatched features & deliverables, which are as under;

  • Computer Teachers’ Reference Manual for Each Class.
  • Online Links/Support for Stykz.
  • E books i.e. Flip Books.
  • ACT i.e. Active Classroom Tests.
  • All Software Support.

Some Key features of Series Tech Era are: 

  • The series is divided into sections, at a thematic basis catering to the interest of learners of any particular age group.
  • Keeping to the level of the learners the topicality and significance of the consent has been selected carefully.
  • Use of most versatile and competitive software’s to enrich the students.
  • The pleasant formats and the colorful layouts, the enhancing illustrations are an assets to the book, the teachers and the taught.