(Computer series for classes I-VIII) introduces students to basic features of windows 7 and MS Office 2007-2010, basic parts oa a computer, how to use Tux paint, Wordpad, MS Paint, etc. Student also learn to create stick figure animations using Stykz.

Further books take a deep plunge into advanced features of Microsoft Office 2007-2010 (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher and MS Access), including how to programing in Visual Basic and HTML. Student learn to create animation using Adobe Flash how to use Adobe Photoshop to edit photographs, how to communicate using the internet, all about safeguarding your computer from comuter viruses and Adobe Dreamweaver to have expertise on creating websites.

  • Series are designed with graded approach toword the subject, with respect to the level of language, technical terms, text, stimulating ecercises to explore the student to factual discursive and literary text.
  • Series have been developed with latest & comprehensive syllabus, National Cyber Olympiad practice questions, Overview of Window 8, Glimpse of next version of MS Office.
  • Important tips, suggestions and guidelines given will help the student to have strong and clear grip on the concept they are learning.
  • Latest interactive teaching methodolofies are incorporated in the books – Online Links, Group Discussion Topics, Application Based Questions.
  •  Series Will arouse interest and creativity in the children’s mind, for instance the latest provided software’s and applications will help them to acquire skills to express and describe their ideas.

Some key features of series are:

  • The series has been graded According to latest guidelines laid down by NCERT and is in accordance with CBSE, ICSE and other state boards.
  • The series are divided into sections, at a thematic basis catering to the interest of learners of any particular age group.
  • Keeping to the level of the learners the topicality and significance of the consent has been selected carefully.
  • Use of the most versatile and competitive software’s to enrich the students.
  • Easy to understand language, practical approach with extensive, colorful illustration elucidates the concepts giving a wonderful experience for the learners.
  • The Pleasant formats and colorful layouts, the enhancing illustrations are an asset to the book.