ITM: Interactive Teaching Modules

For Schools to make learning more effective through animations and smart classes which in turn will be a benefit for both; the teacher and the taught.

ACT: Active Classroom Tests

A revolutionary tool for schools using Educare Computer Books as it solves test paper generation problem.

Flip Books

Providing primitive form of animation of the books which makes it easier for the teachers to open the same books on the digital board rather than opening it physically.

TRM: Teacher’s Resource Manuals

Providing detailed scope and solutions (hard copy and soft copy) to all the questions relating to the textbooks.


Software Support

Providing technical support regarding all the software’s available in the books.

Online Links / Support

 Tutorial Videos for the new software’s like: Stykz, Bookworm, Tux Paint, Tux Maths, etc. for the ease of teachers.

Tech Updates